Let us draw ever nearer to God

In the place of doubt; let us believe and have faith.

In the place of hatred and cruelty; let us walk with love and have compassion.

In the place of despair and sadness; let us walk the pathway of hope and be filled with joy.

When many begin to turn away from God and seek for selfish earthly gain; let us draw ever nearer to God and seek the Kingdom of Heaven with even more enthusiasm and zeal.

When many begin to be lifted up with pride, arrogance, bigotry and prejudices; let us walk instead with meekness being lowly of mind and learn to appreciate and respect the ideas and beliefs of others with the patience born of kind heartedness.

Let us be quick to forgive when offended and let us learn to overlook the short comings in others people's lives; then God will forgive us and overlook the shortcomings of our lives.

11/23/2002 Jim Welch
November 23

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