Abounding in Christ October 09 of Abounding in Christ

Whatsoever is good, do it

Whatsoever is good, do it and whatsoever is wise, apply it.

Whatsoever is of God, adhere to it and whatsoever God commands, obey it.

Whatsoever is evil, eschew it and whatsoever is foolish, avoid it.

Whatsoever is not of God, reject it and whatsoever the Evil one tempts you to do, refuse it.

Whatsoever is holy, revere it and whatsoever is pure, keep it.

Whatsoever the Holy Spirit says to you, listen to it and whatsoever is lacking in your life, seek for it.

Whatsoever is unholy, do not honor it and whatsoever is impure, cast it away.

Whatsoever an evil tongue says to you, turn a deaf ear to it and whatsoever you have in abundance give it to the poor. Amen.
10/09/2002 Jim Welch

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