Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven

Labor not for the things that perish; that rust and moth do corrupt; that are here today but gone tomorrow; that do not add to the Kingdom of Heaven nor glorify our God, the Precious Heavenly Father.

The more we do for Him, the more He will do for us.

Whatsoever a man sows; so shall he reap.

If he sows to the Kingdom of Heaven; he shall reap the blessings and the bounty of the same.

If he draws near to God; God will draw near to him; but if he turns his back on God and begins to spend all his time and effort on wasteful earthly endeavors and pursuits; God will turn His back on him and give that man's bishopric to another.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and God will add unto you all the blessings thereof. Amen.

09/19/2002 Jim Welch
September 19

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