Everything that exists was made by God

There is a purpose in everything and all things work together for good for those who love God.

Everything that exists was made by God, continues to exist by God and is controlled by God.

Nothing can happen unless God allows it and if God be for you there is no one who can oppose you and still hope to win.

There is no power in heaven or the earth that is able to resist the Power of God for God is more than able to overcome all His adversaries.

God reigns supreme and all power in Heaven and the earth rests in His Right Hand.

Blessed are all who have found favor in the Eyes of the Lord for He will pour showers of blessings upon all who have pleased Him.

God is ever victorious and of His Kingdom there shall be no end, for He shall reign forever and ever. Amen!

04/03/2002 Jim Welch
April 3

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