To him who believes, all things are possible

To him who believes, all things are possible and to him who believes not, nothing is possible.

To him who believes that God is real, God will be real and will reveal Himself to him.

To him who does not believe that God exists; God will hide Himself from him and it will appear to him that God doesn't exist.

Jesus said, As thou hast believed, so be it done to thee. (Matthew 5:13)

Brethren, it is not God who is withholding from you; it is you by your own lack of believing that causes the things of Heaven's Glory to be withheld from you.

You receive not because you ask not and you ask not because you do not believe.

If you truly believed that God would answer your prayer you would ask.

But because you believe not, you ask not.

Because you ask not, you receive not.

Ask and you shall receive.

04/13/2002 Jim Welch
April 13

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