Serve the Lord with gladness

Serve the Lord with gladness.

Quit thinking that serving the Lord is a burden; instead begin to realize that serving the Lord is an honor and a privilege; something to be done with love and joy.

To a sinful man, obedience to God's commandments is a burdensome onus; a loathsome and heavy load to carry; which he hates every moment of it.

But to a pure hearted and righteous man, the commandments of God are a great delight to his sight and he does enjoy and love obeying them; for his delight is in the law of God and not in the sinful pleasures promoted by wicked and depraved men.

As Jesus said, by their fruits you shall know them, whether they be good or evil.

Brethren, let us love serving the Lord with rejoicing and love.

©01/27/2003 Jim Welch
January 27

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