Together with God we can go

Nevertheless the ways of the Lord are far far better than our ways and our ways are at enmity with the ways of the Lord.

When our ways are changed to be in agreement with the ways of the Lord then the power of God will be invoked in our lives; the fire of his zeal will be rekindled in our hearts and the fountain of his Spirit of truth will over flow within us causing wisdom and understanding to abound through us and in us.

Brethren, let us seek to do the will of God that we may receive the power of God that would enable us to put His will in affect in our lives.

When we do things His way we will have His Spirit and His power to aid and assist us; but if we choose to do things our own way, we will do it alone.

Together with God we can go or alone we will perish.

©01/28/2003 Jim Welch
January 28

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