Give thanks unto God for everything

Infinite truth resides in Heaven and is administered to us by Gods Holy Spirit.

There is no limit to the wisdom of God; for it knows no bounds.

Blessed is the man to whom God imputes wisdom; for his name shall be remembered for all generations.

God imputes wisdom in both the spiritual realms and the physical domain.

Let us than give thanks unto God not only for His spiritual blessings but also for imputing the wisdom of inventive genius to certain individuals in times past bringing benefits of the comforts and conveniences of their inventions to our beleaguered lives.

Without the invention of the printing press, few of us would be literate.

Brethren, what would your life be without telephones, mass media, air cooling, electricity, cars etc.

Give thanks unto God for everything.

06/23/2002 Jim Welch
June 23

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