The Kingdom of God is at hand

Soon; very soon, the evil empire of Satan with its domination of all the governmental systems of the world will be destroyed by the sudden appearing of the second coming of The Lord Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ shall come with the Host of Heaven and establish His Everlasting Kingdom and all the forces of evil shall be brought low.

The Kingdom of God is at hand; Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen!

Brethren, never forget the fact that good shall prevail over evil; all the forces of evil will be ultimately defeated; sickness shall be no more; and the King of Justice and Righteousness shall reign supreme forever and ever. Amen!

Jesus Christ is our King; Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace; Jesus Christ is Lord! Amen!

Our hope; our blessed hope is and always has been the coming of the Lord.

06/14/2002 Jim Welch
June 14

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