Hope is the driving force that keeps you going

Adopt an optimistic and positive attitude about everything you do in life.

Hope is the driving force that keeps you going during the difficult and hard times of your life's journey.

It is how you cope during the difficult times of life that determines whether you will be victorious over adversity.

Without hope you will be defeated before you even begin and you probably will not even try to win the victory.

Hopelessness can and does take a devastating toll on your spirit and your soul.

Jesus said, Out of the mouths of infants and sucklings Thou has perfected praise.

Brethren, except you become like little children you will not be victorious in God's Kingdom.

To have the zeal and enthusiasm of a little child and the wisdom and knowledge that comes with age makes for a wonderful and beautiful life. Amen.

03/08/2002 Jim Welch
March 8

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