Let God guide your footsteps

God is, shall be and always has been at the beginning of every good work.

Every work that does not begin with God, by God and for God is not a good work, but comes from evil.

Brethren, let God guide your footsteps on your journey through life; let Him pilot your ship through the dangerous shoals of evil and peril that lie hidden around every bend on your journey down the river of life.

There is no enlightenment without God, for He alone is able to light up your pathways with His Truth and His Love.

Let us than allow God to be our ever constant companion as we journey through the darkness of the night; a lamp onto our feet; a bright beacon of hope in the time of despair.

For God is more than able to guide you through the dangerous sea of the world.

03/07/2002 Jim Welch
March 7

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