God's light of truth and love

Let this day be the beginning of new things; a day when we turn our backs on our sinful past and begin to walk in the bright sunshine of God's light of truth and love.

Eternity is a very long time and what we do and say today determines where we will spend it.

What we sow now is what we will reap.

If we sow now in bitterness and hatred and continuously seek for personal gain out of self centered greed; then we shall reap the fires of judgment and hell.

Let us than decide this day to change our lives and turn from our evil ways and pursue a life filled with peace, forgiveness and love; and continuously seek to be a benefit to the lives of others out of a heart filled to overflowing with compassion, kindness and mercy.

If we do this now, we will reap everlasting life filled with many glorious rewards.

05/05/2002 Jim Welch
May 5

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