The twin spiritual powers of forgiveness and temperance

Lay aside every tinge of bitterness and malice and seek no revenge for any wrong doing done to you by another.

Don't let someone else rent space in your head nor let them take over the reins of control of your inner emotional feelings from you.

By the twin spiritual powers of forgiveness and temperance, we can and will at last gain control of our own personal lives which in times past was dominated by the actions of other people and the spiritual darkness brought into our lives by every whim of Satan.

Let us this day take charge of our own lives and actions; and set a course of our own choosing to follow after the ways of God; and not spend the rest of our lives in reaction to actions of others.

Brethren, don't let other people rent space in your head.

05/04/2002 Jim Welch
May 4

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