Spiritual zeal is born of the love of God

Spiritual zeal is not the same as youthful vigor; spiritual zeal propagates the Kingdom of Heaven, but youthful vigor only propagates the human species.

Spiritual zeal is born of the love of God; it does not and will not diminish with age, instead it will continue to grow stronger.

Youthful vigor is born of the lust of the flesh i.e. personal ambitions and sexual desires and will only diminish with age.

Holy men of the ancient times did not write what we now call holy scriptures until they were exceedingly old men.

John, the Apostle, wrote his Gospel, the Book of the Revelations and his letters when he was nearly a hundred years old.

Moses wrote his five books when he was nearly one hundred and twenty.

11/20/2002 Jim Welch
November 20

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