Come to Him who gives us peace

In the midst of the calamitous evil deeds of wicked men it is difficult, yea nearly impossible, to find peace for our souls, yet in the Presence of the Heavenly Father in the secret place of prayer when alone with Him; the impossible becomes reality.

Yea you can find peace in the midst of the storm; a place of solace where you can find rest for your beleaguered soul.

Peace, real peace cannot be found in the noisome bustling of the efforts of man; but peace, real peace, can only be found in the presence of the Heavenly Fathers Spirit; a place where few men venture and few men find.

So then, few men find peace and rest for their souls; the lives of many are filled with turmoil akin to the fires of hell before they even get there.

With their reprobate minds and their apostate souls they never learn to come to Him who gives us peace.

05/21/2002 Jim Welch
May 21

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